Welcome to Taos Top Dog, the website which will connect you to the heartbeat of Taos. We are a thriving community of artists, skiers, hikers, dreamers, and doers nestled against Taos Mountain in the Sangre de Cristos. Located in the High Desert of Northern New Mexico we are bordered by the ancient Taos Pueblo, awesome Taos Ski Valley, and the venerable Rio Grande.

Here, you can search for any property in the Taos County mls, view Featured Properties, learn about our area, and even keep up with Taos activities through the Calendar of Events.

I am here to assist you with every aspect of your Taos real estate search. Having been in the real estate business for over 15 years I am knowledgeable and experienced. Perhaps more importantly, I listen to your questions and concerns and have a sincere desire to do what is right for you. Whether you are Selling or Buying, big-time investor or first-time home buyer, I am dedicated to making your Taos real estate experience pleasant and efficient.

First home, second home, vacation or investment property – I can help you with all you need to know in Taos Real Estate. Please don’t hesitate to call (505-758-1925), e-mail or snail mail me with any questions you may have.

Marjorie Wyman is an Associate Broker with Prudential Taos Real Estate in Taos, NM

Tips to pick real estate

Real estate is important for everyone but when it comes to making sure you get the right house for you and the rest of the family you have many things to consider. First of all it is very important to choose the location that suits you and your goals in life. If you are a busy person working in the city the centre will be perfect for you so you don’t have to waste time. If you are planning to raise a family and value a big yard with plenty of greenery and lots of fresh air then real estate in kelowna is something that will blow you away. It is imperative to decide which is most important to you, proximity to civilization or greenly, so decide before you start looking. Another important aspect is money, and discussing the mortgage previous to the purchase is very important as it will help secure the sum you need and you will not need to worry about it when the time to pay comes. The last thing you should consider is the state of the property, the decorations and architecture. If you don’t want to invest too much, get a house ready to live in. hope this is helpful.

Finding condo value helps

Looking at property options and researching the market before you sell your flat is important. But even with that information it is not easy to make the right decision without professional help. To get the true condo value it is important to apply for an evaluation and get the right information about the price of your condo. Looking at all the different variants of the purchase is a must and you can achieve really good results if you pay attention to what the real experts tell you. It is about trust so put your real estate issues into the hands of professionals.

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